Beginning in law school, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq., worked at a law firm where he helped draft criminal appeals. He also worked on various cases such as drug trafficking, sexual assault, and murder. As an advocate for justice, he also set up a non-profit to educate the public of their rights with respect to the war on drugs. As a volunteer, he helped create the first ever “festival law” continuing legal education for presentation for lawyers. 
In a civil law capacity, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq., got his first bite at civil litigation at the fast-paced legal department of MassHealth where he drafted and litigated myriad cases for MassHealth in both Probate and Superior Court. In one oral argument, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. successfully argued that court-imposed sanctions for financial damages unprotected by declaring bankruptcy. This argument created new case law. He was also on the diversity committee, where he drafted training program presentations for governmental employees on the topic of unconscious bias. Raphael B. Hirsch also helped decide and draft administrative appeal decisions following fair hearings.
After receiving a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law, he was offered a post graduate fellowship with Alfred Brownell, where he created the non-profit, Green Advocates USA. During his fellowship at Green Advocates USA, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. helped create novel theories of liability protecting indigenous Liberians from human rights abuses committed by both the African government and a transnational corporation. Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. presented his findings in Nigeria at a prestigious international human rights conference law conference. He also wrote a complaint against a transnational corporation partially owned by the International Finance Corporation on behalf of thousands of Liberians using both the International Finance Corporation’s own internal guidelines and international law.  This complaint was resulted in a success and in 2019, the International Finance Corporation’s Compliance Ombudsman began an investigation to meet his demands. This may be accessed at: links/documents/CAOComplaint-Liberia-SRC01.pdf
Currently, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. serves as a pro-bono attorney with the Volunteer Lawyers Project in its wage-theft clinic, and in its appeals, and bankruptcy divisions. He also volunteers with the Fair Employment Project, a non-profit, helping pro-se litigants navigate the complex Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination [MCAD] process. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Federal Pro-se Mediation Panel.
In addition to his volunteer work, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. owns and runs his law practice in Watertown, MA. With an emphasis on employment issues such as non-payment of wages, discrimination, retaliation, and other claims, he also helps write criminal appeals. Raphael B. Hirsch is not afraid of litigation and takes Massachusetts small claims, district, and superior court cases. He can also take federal cases in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts.  
He is a member of both the Massachusetts Bar Association, Massachusetts Employment Law Association, and is a on the MBA’s working group for the newly enacted Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. In his spare time, Raphael B. Hirsch, Esq. enjoys reading books, creating and performing music, and staying physically active.